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GIERS will provide services to assist individuals, families, and organizations recovering from a wide range of losses.  Using creative arts techniques, these services will include education and counseling that will help develop coping skills to facilitate a successful transition to a more positive future.  GIERS will also educate and train helping professionals and other community members to understand and aid people experiencing grief and loss.

February Newsletter-Winter Blues, Finding Sunshine...

GOOD NEWS!! Daylight Savings Time begins, Sunday, March 13th. That’s Less than a Month Away!

The cold dark days and early nights of winter can create darker moods and things we need to do can feel harder than when the weather seems to assist us with positive energy. Some people are particularly sensitive to the change of season and can develop SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression related to a change in seasons.

When we are grieving we can be extra sensitive to the weather. Snow, which at one time was perceived as beautiful, can feel like an icy wall that prevents us from leaving our home, and can compound feelings of loneliness and isolation. Early winter sunsets can also complicate our sense of freedom by requiring more night driving.

At one time, families lived in close proximity to one ano ther and so providing company and support to one another was a much easier task. With today’s family members possibly being all around the world, connection can be more complicated.

There are many strategies that people have developed that ease the stress of the dark winter days. Some people nurture friendships with people they can talk with by phone or Internet. There are groups online that cover so many interests and support needs. Some enjoy the company of a furry or feathered family friend. For others, this would be a terrible idea. Writing in a journal can create connection to oneself and the experience of life around us. The arts, including movies, literature, plays, painting, music, exercise and movement can help us focus on positive moments, whether we create the art ourselves or enjoy the products of others.

One thing we have learned in the many years we have counseled and worked with people recovering from loss is that there is no one answer for everyone, one size does not fit all. We do believe that there are many ways to ease our grief and warm up our lives, even in the coldest winter. Listen for the answers from within. Your body will tell you what it needs and what brings you strength and comfort. Reach out and reach within and you will find your way.
Best wishes,

Bernice & Bob


Our next The Mourning After Meeting is Friday, August 5th 2016.

The Mourning After, a grief counseling program led by Licensed Professional Counselors Bob Szita, MS, LPC and Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, LPC of GIERS – Grief Information, Education & Recovery Services is designed to assist people with recent and not-so-recent losses adjust to the powerful emotions of grieving and the long term changes in the months and years that follow.

The group meets monthly on Fridays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Center Playhouse, 35 Street, Freehold. There is no charge to attend, but a voluntary donation is appreciated.  See our Calendar page.

New attendees please call in advance 732-577-1076.

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