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Presented by Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS LPC TEP & Bob Szita, MS LPC TEP
ActionArtz Training Institute In Collaboration with GIERS (501c3):Grief Information, Education & Recovery Services

Join ActionArtz and GIERS!
A creative interactive workshop designed to facilitate personal and professional growth utilizing Psychodrama and Action Methods.

Live Your Best Life will help us heal the past, bring clarity to the present, and imagine our finest future!

Participants will:
  • Continue healing from losses
  • Explore personal relationships
  • Develop satisfying life goals
  • Review professional roles
  • Discover creative energy
  • Enhance social skills
  • Review professional roles
  • Enjoy the company of others who are interested in examining their lives while learning about themselves!

Saturday, March 14th – 1:00 to 5:00 PM

Meeting Location:
CentraState Medical Center
Star & Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus
901 W Main St., Freehold NJ 07728
Tuition: $100 – Registration must be received by March 11th
4 Hours Psychodrama Training Credits Available
About the Leaders: Bob Szita MS, LPC, TEP and Bernice Garfield Szita MS, LPC, TEP are Co-Directors of ActionArtz Training Institute and Founders and Co-Directors of Giers: Grief Information, Education & Recovery Services a 501c3 non-profit organization.  They are Licensed professional Counselors & International trainers in Psychodrama who use action methods for personal & professional development.  They are well known for their custom-designed training programs that stimulate learning in education, healthcare, government, & business settings. 

The Checkered Cloth: A Lesson About Loss

Our memories can serve to sensitize us throughout our lives to things we may not otherwise have empathy for. One memory from my childhood has come back to me many times as I have worked with children, parents and loss.

I could not have been more than five years old when this experience happened to me. It was summer and I, my parents and older sister, Audrey, went on a rare vacation to the Catskills in NY. We visited a farm that was turned into a hotel and as a city child everything was exciting and new to me! I loved all the green, the wild flowers, the fresh air and the farm animals. It was here that I fell in love with chickens, an affection I hold to this day! Continue reading on GIERS blog >

GIERS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides services to assist individuals, families and organizations recovering from a wide range of losses. We use a large variety of therapeutic modalities including psychodrama, creative arts, action techniques, education and counseling to help people develop coping skills and facilitate a successful transition toward healthy recovery. GIERS will also educate and train professionals and other community members to understand and aid people experiencing grief.

GIERS activities include:

  • Bereavement groups for adults, teens and children
  • Humanity Players education program
  • Recovery services for losses including loss of a loved one, physical or mental health, job, home, miscarriage, divorce, disenfranchised losses, such as from abortion, AIDS, suicide, and pet loss
  • Individual and family grief counseling for adults, teens and children
  • Community education programs addressing relevant issues of grief and loss
  • Training programs for community members interested in assisting others with grief issues
  • A “helpline” grief support referral service

As we obtain additional funding, we will add more innovative programming.

10 East Main Street  Suite 5B
Freehold, New Jersey 07728
PH: 732-577-1076