This week’s blog post: Why GIERS?

Why would you found GIERS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to assist people to cope with all kinds of loss? This is a question Bob and I have been asked many times. In our over thirty years of work as Counselors in Private Practice and Hospice /Oncology Trainers and Educators, we have seen the power of unresolved grief in people’s lives. Whether the loss is through death,  divorce, career changes, or  health challenges, people experience a wide range of emotional reactions. They often feel overwhelmed and isolated.These roller coaster feelings can stay with them throughout their lives and damage close relationships, confidence, and may encourage substance abuse and other compulsive habits. If the griever find a way to work through the feelings, he or she can let go of the pain and move on to more fulfilled lives.

The pressures of a tight economy has made it more difficult to find free or affordable services to help with these vital issues. We decided to take our skills, knowledge of running a non-profit and counseling experience to launch this much needed organization. People recovering from loss can find peace with the past, live in the present and dream of a better future. We are so happy to have the opportunity to do what we love and to share what we have been taught by our best teachers; our clients and countless group members.

We are developing exciting groups and programs that will be multi-generational, multi-cultural and inspiring to all who participate. We hope you will join us in this new venture either as a participant, a volunteer, or a donor . We will create this wonderful  organization together.

By Bernice Garfield-Szita Co- Founder and Co-Executive Director of GIERS

4 responses to “This week’s blog post: Why GIERS?

  1. Very needed service and kudos to you and Bob for starting it!

  2. I am always impressed with the work you and Bob do and how you selflessly give to our community … Your perspectives are appreciated .. your motives pure.. and your contribution gratefully acknowledged by so many! Keep up the great work!

  3. What a wonderful organization! Your love and kindness are evident just from your new website, not to mention the many, many people you’ve helped over time–I am proud to know you!

  4. Jason L. Cohen, MD

    Bernice and Bob,
    As a Psychiatrist in Monmouth County, I have had the pleasure of seeing your excellent work first hand over the years. It is a great comfort to know that with GIERS, such high quality professional care will be available to many others.

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