Blog: The Mourning After Met in November

A small, but warm group of strangers, met for their first experience with The Mourning After grief counseling group this past Friday. The welcoming atmosphere of Center Playhouse in Freehold became an ice breaker for the people entering, each carrying their own story.  Attendees appreciated meeting in an informal, creative environment instead of a hospital or house of worship.

We began by introducing ourselves and sharing some of the structure of the way the group is led. Specifically, that all personal information is held in confidence by group members and no one is required to speak or participate  before he or she is ready.

As the group warmed up and began to trust the experience and each other, Bob and I enjoyed the process of helping people recognize that they are not alone and that they can come to a place where they can experience the whole spectrum of their feelings with others doing the same. By the end of the session, everyone seemed more relaxed and comfortable. Some group members took a little more time to talk and connect with each other after the meeting. The seeds of real support were planted and we look forward to our next group meeting on Friday, December 3. What a joy to do this wonderful work together!!

3 responses to “Blog: The Mourning After Met in November

  1. What a worthy organization! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve given people with limited resources a way to work through grief and loss.

  2. Knowing that the emotions of loss are not unique allows for the isolation to be overcome.

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