Dress Rehearsal For Life

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Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, LPC, TEP and Bob Szita, MS, LPC, TEP

An 8-Week Psychodrama Program

An Interactive 8-week psychodrama group series designed to facilitate insight for personal and professional growth presented by ActionArtz Training Institute, in collaboration with GIERS: Grief Information, Education & Recovery Services.

Date: Sundays, September 24th – November 12th (8 Week Series)
Time: 7-9PM
ActionArtz Institute
10 E. Main Street, Suite 5B
Freehold, NJ 07728
Tuition: $600 (8 week series, 2 hour sessions)
Scholarships: Full and partial available. Contact us.

Light refreshments included – Psychodrama Training Credits Available

About this Program:

Participants will:

  • Continue healing from losses
  • Explore personal relationships
  • Develop satisfying life goals
  • Review professional roles
  • Discover creative energy
  • Enhance social skills
  • Enjoy the company of others who are interested in examining their lives while learning about themselves through a Dress Rehearsal for Life!

Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, LPC, TEP and Bob Szita, MS, LPC, TEP

Meet our presenters:
Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, LPC, TEP and
Bob Szita, MS, LPC, TEP are founders and Co-directors of GIERS: Grief Information, Education & Recovery Services since 2010 and Co-Directors of ActionArtz Training Institute and Contemporary Counseling Center of Freehold, NJ for the past 37 years. They are Licensed Professional Counselors who specialize in working with individuals, couples, families, and groups dealing with the emotional stress of loss. They are international trainers in Psychodrama, an action method used to assist people in working through life’s challenges. They are well known for their entertaining, interactive and educational trainings.

GIERS Mission
To provide services to assist individuals, families, and organizations recovering from a wide range of losses. Using a variety of therapeutic modalities including creative arts and action techniques, these services will include education and counseling that will help develop coping skills to facilitate a successful transition toward a healthy recovery. GIERS will also educate and train helping professionals and other community members to understand and aid people experiencing grief.