Please Note: Due to a venue conflict the following program has been CANCELLED:

Charles Fleisher

Opportunities Not Obstacles
4 Steps To Turn Obstacles into Opportunities
A 3-hour Workshop Led by Charles Fleisher

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
Time: 1-4PM
Location: CentraState Medical Center, Star & Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus
Jack Aronson Conference Center

$40.00 per person registration in advance, $50.00 at the door. Space is limited.

About this Program:

Opportunities not Obstacles: 4 Steps to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

  • Identifying potential obstacles
  • Imagining solutions that will improve productivity at work, the effectiveness of organizations their involvement with, and to increase life satisfaction.
  • Making plans to convert their obstacles based on a close examination of the obstacles they face in all aspects of their lives.
  • Putting plans into action with detailed organized activities that produce measurable outcomes.
  • Mr. Fleisher will share what he’s learned about taking challenging situations and turning them into Opportunities.
  • He shares remarkable examples of individuals from different walks of life that found opportunities they wouldn’t have had if they had not decided to overcome their challenges. And how multimillion dollar companies were formed as a result.
  • The presentation focuses on 4 steps that that each remarkable individual used. The awareness Mr. Fleisher has received from living with paralysis has led him to believe that anyone can potentially use difficulties to their advantage.
  • Why they would benefit from first clearly identifying one or more difficulties, imagining solutions to the challenges, making plans , and taking consistent actions.
  • This presentation will provide inspiration and entertainment as well as an outline for the audience to get started capitalizing on their own difficulties.

Charles Fleisher

Meet our presenter:
Charles Fleisher, The Opportunities Guy, was permanently injured in an automobile accident at age 18. In his book “The Secret of Difficulties: 4 Steps To Turn Tragedies into Opportunities”, and through his speeches and workshops he teaches how to use challenges to get the most out of your business and personal life. The inspirational thoughts in his book and presentations offer real-world examples and guidelines.

He now devotes his life to showing audiences how they if they choose to embrace their struggles head-on, those difficulties can and will provide them with remarkable opportunities. Opportunities to succeed in business. Opportunities for self-improvement and growth. And opportunities to build strong relationships. My motto is “Identify difficulties, take them head-on with action, and they will become your greatest opportunities.”

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