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The Opportunities Guy Reflects on “The God Box: A Daughter’s Story” Performance

Talk about turning a difficult situation into a remarkable opportunity! The New York Times best-selling author of The God Box, Mary Lou Quinlan, made a special guest appearance in Freehold on Saturday, May 25th. For approximately a year she has been taking her one-woman theatrical performance on the road to help raise money for various charities. According to Mary Lou she’s been able to raise and contribute nearly $150,000! On Saturday nearly 200 people showed up to see her performance of The God Box: A Daughter’s Story to support GIERS: Grief Information, Education & Recovery Services, a local non-profit that helps people survive and thrive after a loss (www.GIERS.org).  The beautiful performing arts center at Applewood Estates provided a great atmosphere for the event. I brought my 69-year-old mother and another close friend who is a mother of three and they both thoroughly enjoyed the show. Mary Lou Quinlan’s performance was funny, heartfelt and touching and she made an important impact on the audience as we laughed and cried. Many audience participants shared stories of loss and grief with deep feeling during the talkback. Mary Lou managed to turn the grief over losing her mother into an opportunity to raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes and create a healing best-selling memoir.

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Charles Fleisher, “The Opportunities Guy”, is the author of the inspirational new book The Secret of Difficulties: 4 Steps to Turn Tragedies into Opportunities. He is also a speaker, mentor and coach and a small business owner. He was injured in an automobile accident in 1988. Since his life changing injury he has been able to use many of the related difficulties as unexpected opportunities. For further information or to purchase Charles’ incredible new book go to www.theopportunitiesguy.com.